Profile of lector: Hana Bernardová, CZ

Hana Bernardova

After having graduated from the Master in Landscape and Garden Architecture, I worked for eight years in urban planning area as a specialist for landscape, agricultural land, nature protection and green spaces. At about the same time I started to focus my attention also to my inner development, exploring various areas that very much enriched and basically changed my life.

Gradually a question was born in me: How to live a happy and fulfilling life without destroying life itself? In order to answer that question, I travelled abroad and also went back to studies (Master programme in Economics for Transition at the Schumacher College in England).

Today I am interested in sustainable ways of living. I support local economy and farmers who take a good care of the land (cooperating with the Association of Local Food Initiatives – AMPI and the newly founded Foundation for Soil, Czech Republic). I am exploring how to create a truly functioning community based on real communication and cooperation.

I believe that we are able to create Paradise on Earth – a real community of all beings. In order to do that we need to get to know who we are and also to be able to imagine the world our hearts long for. I do hold such a vision in my heart and my decision is to contribute to its manifestation with whatever I do.