Profile of lector: Łukasz Nowacki, PL

Lukasz NowackiFuturist and environmental designer. Founder of the TRANSFORMACJA Foundation, Managing Director of Polish Permaculture Research Institute, a pioneer of permaculture movement in Poland and ecological design teacher.

He received his Master’s Degree in Ecohydrology and ecosystemic biotechnology from the University of Lodz. After graduation he worked as a consultant in sustainable landscape architecture, specializing in organic gardening and sustainable urban landscape design.

Fascinated with the idea of autonomous settlements (SolarHAB Project and BIOshelter Project) and the design of functional biosystems (Constructed Wetland and Buffer Zone for Urban Water Management – SWITCH Project). Propagator and researcher of living machines, alternative sources of energy, arcology and bioclimatic architecture.

After gaining some background in the field of applied ecology and permaculture, he started his own research and soon became an expert and proffesional consultant. Now working as a landscape designer and certified project manager in the energy efficient building industry. In addition, interested in the concept of biomimikry and systems theory.