Profile of lector: Ulrike Reimann, DE

Ulrike ReimannUlrike´s personal journey reflects the essence of the approaches that she uses. Ulrike encourages individuals and groups to discover what they are passionate about and she supports them to dare to live their passion out. Seeing many people, projects and great ideas coming to a halt somewhere on the path Ulrike is evolving tools and approaches that help to face and overcome the obstacles.

Ulrike has a degree in intercultural education. She is a certified trainer of trainers of “Dragon Dreaming”. Since 2008 Ulrike uses Nonviolent  communication and Restorative circles in her trainings especially in the area of conflict resolution in communities.

Ulrike is also a certified trainer and a published author in the field of MyroAgogik, an ancient communal wisdom and set of practices for expressing and transforming grief and pain of loss. Her book “Mourning in communities” (in German) was published in May 2016.

You can find more about her on her german website: