A second round of our successful workshop for small communities will be held from 14th to 19th June in Sebechleby village, Central Slovakia.

We invite not only participants, but also lectors from all Visegrad countries. The ideas, best practices, lectures and outcomes will be summarized and the workshop outputs will be distributed online.

For the purposes of wide spreading, the communication language is English.

The first year of this project (Running a small community (ID: 21420087) ) brought together 38 participants interested in small communities and during 6 day long workshop we absolved a lot of lectures from experts and community leaders. The participants wanted to continue in sharing best practice and knowledge and after finishing the workshop there was a fruitful discussions among the participants. The web is kept (www.smallcommunities.eu) maintained and the discussion forum is in run as well. The lectures on videos have many views and brochure has been many times downloaded. However participants agreed to continue in project, they would like to change few things and we as the organizers will incorporate these wishes in this year.

Mostly we want to:

  • provide more practical experience, learning by doing things
  • provide more time and space for discussions
  • more work for the groups
  • walk the talk
  • do what we are saying about, work with the community
  • every community could prepare something (workshop), what they are best at
  • draw-in some people from countries like Belarus, Ukraine, etc.

The activities should be generally more practical such as:

  • trying different methods of communication
  • solving concrete model problems with different styles of decision making
  • creating real vision and mission statements for community
  • perhaps create a common value, help local community by building something – part of permaculture garden, set fruit trees garden used by public, …