Information about the place, how to get there and what you should know about it.


Village Sebechleby – Stará Hora, see the place at google maps here. The cottage where we will stay is called “Chata Pod Lipami” (Cottage under the Linden):

How to come to the workshop

By car:
The village Stara Hora is located between the towns of Levice and Krupina, just 4 km from the village Sebechleby, which it is part of. If you come from Krupina (direction from Hontianske Nemce), you have to take first road right to the fields as soon as you leave Sebechleby. If you come from Levice, you turn left before entering Sebechleby.

We hope all of you use navigation, so the best idea is to navigate to the village Sebechleby (central Slovakia), or even better to the cottage.  If you have problems to locate it, the GPS coordinates are:

48°16’56.9″N, 18°54’51.9″E

You can reach the exact place by car.  The main crossroads from all directions will be signed by navigation arrows, so pay attention and look for them.

006By bus:

In the case you want to come by bus, the closest bus stop for you is Sebechleby, Jednota. From there you have to walk about 5 kilometers.

The buses ride mainly from Zvolen and Levice/Nitra. The access from Zvolen is much better covered to come by bus and therefore if you go from Nitra or Levice, many bus lines will force you to go first to Zvolen and then back to Sebechleby, which is ridiculous detour. Pay attention and select the bus line that stops in Sebechleby on the way to Zvolen.

For other directions we reccomend to use

Travel costs reimbursement

We can partly reimburse the travel costs to the workshop – up to 20 Eur per person. To get the money reimbursed we will need some documents necessary for the workshop accounting.

If you come by public plane, bus, train, boat or submarine, we will need originals of the tickets, bills and other travel documents proofing that you paid the transport. Without it we can’t give you money back. That means, you will have to send us any return tickets bought after the workshop by post.

If you come by car these documents will be necessary:

  • copy of technical documentation to the car – usually there is written the type, fuel consumption, plate number etc.
  • copy of legal document proving that you are owner of the car – sometimes it is written in the technical documentation, sometimes not. If it is there it is OK, if not, you will need to add it as other official document.
  • copy of legal document proving the fuel consumption of your car
  • originals of buying fuel bills – due to the new accounting rules you have to provide original bills for buying fuel for the minimum amount (or more) kilometers of the ride to the workshop and back. Eg. if you live 100 km from workshop place, you will make 200 kilometers. If your car legal consumption is 7 liters per 100 km, you will need to give us bill for 14 liters of fuel. (The bill can be for more than 14 liters, but we can give you back only for that 14 liters). We recommend you to manage the tank filling so you can give us the bills on the workshop and we don’t have to wait until you send the originals f bills by post after coming home.

If you are not sure whether you have all documents correct, please send it in advance so we can check it.

If more participants are coming by one car, the driver can get money for all his passengers. Eg. if there are 3 participants in the car, driver can get up to 60 Eur providing the correct documents.


Pictures from the cottage can bee seen here.

5668458What you should expect from the place

  • the place is located in quite area, far away from any shops, pubs, centers. The nearest small supermarket store is about 5 km away. Please bring the stuff necessary for your life (medicine, etc.)
  • the building has few different rooms for sleeping in bigger groups – expect that from 4 to 6 people will sleep in the biggest rooms (bring ear plugs if you are sensitive to noise)
  • there will be separated bed with bedding for everyone (no sleeping bags are necessary)
  • it is possible to deploy tent near place under conditions
  • hot water and hot shower is available (we will make some kind of timetable for showers if needed)
  • internet connection is available

What you should NOT expect from the place

  • don’t expect to stay in any small private room. Some special exceptions can be made in legitimate cases only.